2017 has seen some of the most major developments to PHDefence of any year since we started back in 2007. Two more Black Belts joining the ranks of the Zhongji Todai, new faces joining the ranks of the Chuxue Todai, and some major developments in our syllabus have all taken place within the space of this year. Through his research and development, one of our Sifus has added whole skillsets to our approach, and one student is taking the first steps towards becoming Sisuk. What a year!

Here’s an update about when we’re closed for Christmas and the New Year. It’s fallen just right so that we’re only closed for one week:

Wednesday the 20th of December: OPEN
Wednesday the 27th of December: CLOSED
Wednesday the 3rd of January: OPEN

So after next week’s session on Wednesday the 20th, we are closed for the festive season, but will open for the New Year on Wednesday the 3rd of January.

For those who train on Fridays with Sifu Josh Nixon at Evolutionary Self-Protection, you can click here to see details of their Christmas holidays.

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and for those who don’t observe it we hope you have an absolutely wonderful Monday! Happy New Year to everyone, and see you on the other side!


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